The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

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The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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  • RS Jones930
    RS Jones9306 minuta më parë

    This is the only car I've ever seen in my entire life that looked even sadder after a thorough detail.

  • packard5682
    packard568233 minuta më parë

    The inside rear view mirror that he said he had 'never seen before'! Really?? It was a very common mirror in US cars from the 1940's into the 1980's. It's called a Day/Night mirror! You flip the little lever when someone comes up behind you at night and it changes the angle of the mirror so you still have a mirror but it is like dimming their headlights so it doesn't blind you with their bright lights. Everybody knows that Soviet cars are 'bad' but they are interesting in their own way. I'd almost bet he would say about the same thing about a Model T Ford. I think I have seen enough.

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith36 minuta më parë

    Check Jay Leno's presentation of a 1966 Volga as well to get a clearer pic of these cars. This car was for privileged people in the USSR back then. Different time esp in the USSR back then

  • Don Cely
    Don Cely38 minuta më parë

    It is easy to make fun of traditions in different countries, but generally these differences have their genesis in local conditions. We forget that American auto manufacturers were busy fighting safety regulations and making sure their capitalist buddies at the oil companies were making their fair share of profits. Back in the eighties, there were relatively (by almost anyone's standards) very few cars on Soviet roads. Spending money and resources on turning out new cars every year was not so great a priority. I'm guessing the St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) engineer didn't trade his car in after just 24 months... the American average. In the 80's, CCCP was spending industrial money keeping up with the US in the farce known as The Cold War to worry about updating available body colors on every Comrade's new car. My old 1971 Land Rover did pretty well on its old fashioned carburetor, aluminum alloy skin, and passive air conditioning system. (If it was cool out, it was cool in the car. If it was hot out, it was not cool in the car... that's as passive as you can get). But that doesn't make the Rover a laughing stock. All that being said, this is a fun channel and your videos are very amusing, and that's the best we can hope for. Keep up the very good work!

  • бренедикт мастодонтов
    бренедикт мастодонтов40 minuta më parë

    Есть здесь русские? Согласитесь, неприятно смотреть на обсирание одной из лучших машин СССР.

  • creditelectric
    creditelectricOrë më parë

    This is still going? Douglas needs to be reminded of at least two of the biggest dud products from the USA auto industry first one for me was the Ford Pinto with the exploding fuel tank, they really didn't know how to design a small car, should have asked Honda at the time to design something.The second is the Oldsmobile V8 DIESEL,what was the point of that?A diesel should be economical & capable of lasting many many miles. Fail.

  • Gary how to bluetooth jbl headphones Gray
    Gary how to bluetooth jbl headphones GrayOrë më parë

    The soviets weren't creating these cars to compete or profit ; they where designed and built to be for practical use. Distinguish the difference between communism and capitalism,other than behaving like an indoctrinated schoolboy, that resorts to mocking something they clearly lack the intellect to comprehend?? These cars out-toughed all western cars in their class - by a milestone - I'm afraid !:))

  • Jeff Sutthoff
    Jeff Sutthoff2 orë më parë

    The medicine is mostly vodka

  • crabhab
    crabhab2 orë më parë

    Notice the headliner in great shape much better than the drooping mess in my 2013 Toyota Avalon....

  • captain3xtreme
    captain3xtreme4 orë më parë

    commies malding

  • kaleuclint
    kaleuclint4 orë më parë

    A lot to like. Review of Argentina-made Ford Falcon needed.

  • Nayan Kar
    Nayan Kar4 orë më parë


  • NiceCobra
    NiceCobra4 orë më parë

    Are you laughing Doug? Keep voting for Democrats and they're socialism propaganda and America will drive this kind of cars very soon. Along with other socialism ”benefits”. Ask old Russians. They will tell you how "cool" a socialism was.

  • Henry Spelter
    Henry Spelter4 orë më parë

    This guy is rather obnoxious.

  • Roger Shoaf
    Roger Shoaf4 orë më parë

    How many rubles did it cost when new? An interesting project would have been to do a little hot rodding with this car. Perhaps stuff in a Buick 3.8 with a 5 speed and 4 wheel disk brakes. Now tale it on a road trip back to Russia. That would be some cool video content.

  • Blogen Geezer
    Blogen Geezer4 orë më parë

    Consider choices. Lada? 'Bald and Bankrupt' likes Lada's

  • Kyryl Bespalov
    Kyryl Bespalov5 orë më parë

    the only thing to add is "activated charcoal" may register better in English

  • robert beaty
    robert beaty5 orë më parë

    What a condescending a**hole.

  • Gandalf Namirreh
    Gandalf Namirreh5 orë më parë

    The strap from the firewall to the hood is a braided copper ground strap

  • Blaine Bugaski
    Blaine Bugaski5 orë më parë

    My Mother's 1982 Volkswagen Jetta shared many similarities with this car, especially the interior.

  • asd87
    asd876 orë më parë

    Doug laughing at a URSS car medkit that gives you more medicine than any USA hospital today... The irony.

  • kudraadk
    kudraadk6 orë më parë

    Did anyone notice that the screws in the glove box weren't even Philips headed.

  • Larry Welchko
    Larry Welchko6 orë më parë

    I must be a bit weird because I like the body style. Lose the 4 banger and trani and drop a 289 and 5 speed in it.

  • Philbo200 Lambretta
    Philbo200 Lambretta6 orë më parë

    They can't build a good car, makes wonder how good their aircraft and ships are.

  • John Doe
    John Doe6 orë më parë

    To add to the intro, a Gaz 24-10 was also extremely expensive: A lada Zhiguli was around 10.000 rubles, while this GAZ was nearly 16.000. Now factor in that an average salary was around 200 rubles and you get the ideea how expensive this was. Edit: GAZ comes from Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, or Gorky Automotive Plant.

  • EchoGames
    EchoGames6 orë më parë

    I like doug and ive been a long time viewer but compare this video with the trabant video he made, you can then see how much hes changed and in my opinion he kinda came off as a jerk in this video...

  • Threetails
    Threetails6 orë më parë

    I love it. Plenty of character. Mechanically uncomplicated. Crude but effective like most Soviet machinery. I'd buy one.

  • Everything
    Everything6 orë më parë

    I read a lot of comments hating on this video, but what 1988 car from the west is worse? The car is crap I don't understand why you all are upset because he's laughing at it because the car is a fucking joke. Let's put it in perspective: 5 years after this car rolled off the production line Mclaren were selling the F1.

  • Rolf Karlstad
    Rolf Karlstad7 orë më parë

    You're so insufferable

  • Nogent Alex
    Nogent Alex7 orë më parë


  • Everything
    Everything7 orë më parë

    The horn sounds amazing. Change my mind.

  • DH
    DH7 orë më parë

    Stalin is probably rotating in his grave, thinking about this American rubbing his filthy capitalist hands all over his beautiful car..

  • Philip Mulville
    Philip Mulville8 orë më parë

    Doug, I'm pretty shocked by this unprofessional review. The only thing you've managed to do is demonstrate how little you understand about the Soviet Union and its auto industry. You may laugh at the Volga GAZ 24-10, but any auto industry boss in the U.S., Europe or anywhere else would have struggled to produce a car as suited to the local driving and motoring conditions given constraints similar to those faced by Soviet car producers. If you had grown up in the Soviet Union, you would likely have aspired to owning a Volga. All things considered, it's not a bad car at all.

  • Ari Kolbeinsson
    Ari Kolbeinsson8 orë më parë

    Doug spends a whole video being a jerk... First, think about where and when the car is used. That explains many of the decisions. Medium warm air just below the max heat setting? Russia in winter is cold, only use for cold air, quite hot air, and full hot air. First aid kit hilarious? Well, USSR was big. Very, very big. And not that many people. Unless you are in the main cities you can have multiple hours to the next doctor or pharmacy. Iodine (cleaning wounds), simple pain medication, and activated charcoal all seem like a really sensible idea. In fact, if I buy a good first aid kit it may contain some analogues for those, while the cheap WallyWorld ones won't. From a design standpoint there was really nothing wrong with the GAZ Volga. In 1988 it was just very out of date. But a solid design, both mechanically and aesthetically, and designed within harsh limitations provided by the USSR government. Look at the logic of the lines in the design. Everything makes sense. Whether you or I find it beautiful is a matter of taste, but I see nothing that says anything other than good things about the people who made it.

  • wersuss
    wersuss8 orë më parë

    The year i born hehe

  • Zar Star
    Zar Star8 orë më parë

    Like steering wheel on right left n usa

  • Zar Star
    Zar Star8 orë më parë

    Its the 88..even rolls royce has wacky stuff

  • Zar Star
    Zar Star8 orë më parë

    Its russian not american thinks are different..

  • zabnat
    zabnat8 orë më parë

    Btw. same center mirror dimmer system and with beauty mirrors on sunvisors in a same year VW Golf. Probably in many European cars of that era. Driver doesn't need to look pretty. :)

  • Oliver1138
    Oliver11388 orë më parë

    What a loud-mouthed jerk. Many of the features he laughes at were quite common in European cars of the time, and he lacks any understanding of the era and circumstances. And of the car, too.

  • zabnat
    zabnat8 orë më parë

    This is like Jeremy Clarkson reviewing an older American car. :)

  • Carmelo Vazzana
    Carmelo Vazzana8 orë më parë

    Out of the bucket.

  • Tilemachos Kosmidis
    Tilemachos Kosmidis8 orë më parë

    Wow, an adult guy who can't even be bothered to look up what these chemicals could be. That was really low for someone with so many subscribers. Unnecessary mocking of a car. It might not be a great car, but I am sure it was getting you from point A to point B. But estimating that you are probably in your 40s, I guess you grew up during the cold war so your bias make sense.

  • Andrew D King
    Andrew D King8 orë më parë

    Its a perfect acceptable three box car shaped car as were many Mercs of the same era. That horn was magnificent, so not at all rubbish. The car is probably better than the Lada, Skoda and Polonez eastern block car imports we in Britain had from that era. Skodas are now desirable.

  • A.Y.
    A.Y.9 orë më parë

    U cracked me up....i was in armenia and got on a taxi which was one of these.. i laughed so much that the taxi driver politely asked me to get off his cab because he thought i was high on marijuana... in fact it was the same color 🤣😂😅

  • Vasiliy Ulin
    Vasiliy Ulin9 orë më parë

    The pills you found in the Medkit are Activated Charcoal? It's basically digestion helping / stomach pain relief universal pill.

  • ANDY F
    ANDY F9 orë më parë

    Mach den Wolga hier nicht schlecht !!! Wo eure hochtechnisierten Luxuskarren streiken, steckenbleiben, im Winter kalt bleiben - da trumpft die einfache Technik auf! Ob LKW , Geländewagen oder PKW - weniger ist oft mehr ...

  • Adrian Vacarescu
    Adrian Vacarescu9 orë më parë

    Do the Dacia 1300 next, it's kinda similar 🤔

  • L.A. Commander
    L.A. Commander9 orë më parë

    Still beats a Trabi lol

  • Arne List
    Arne List9 orë më parë

    In Germany, this is a collectible sought after car today. I remember, in East Germany, they were the best taxis. Please respect, that people from the whole world view your videos and love them normally. This is a mid sixties design. Yeah, the time has frozen in the Soviet Union, but this is not the car's fault. It deserves more love with collectors in mind.

  • Drinking Bleach Will Kill You
    Drinking Bleach Will Kill You9 orë më parë

    I drove one of those when I lived in Germany. All I remember is basically touring gas stations around town. 24-10 was most likely 24 gallons on 10 miles, because the mileage was ridiculous.

  • mirteoda
    mirteoda10 orë më parë

    lol the flower in the gearknob must be an eastern european thing cause they were also pretty popular in Romania in the 90s

  • Phillip Stankey
    Phillip Stankey10 orë më parë

    Interesting subject matter...but this guy is so fricking annoying I quit at the 5 minute mark

  • Jaakko Oksa
    Jaakko Oksa10 orë më parë

    Ladas were and are cool cars. Built for horrible roads, will start at ridiculously cold temperatures. Simple technology, easy to maintain and repair. Comfort is a irrelevant :-)

  • Zakhar
    Zakhar10 orë më parë

    Комуняку на гілляку.

  • Pro Gamer is a dead meme
    Pro Gamer is a dead meme10 orë më parë

    Alternate title: Doug DeMuro laughs for one minute straight at the contents of the first aid kit in a soviet russian car

  • Christian Bühler
    Christian Bühler11 orë më parë

    nothing special.. just like a normal european car from the 80s

  • LoliLover69uwu
    LoliLover69uwu11 orë më parë

    Doug is the reason why we need a lifeguard in the gene pool.

  • pigatt1
    pigatt111 orë më parë

    Put an LS in it

  • unmounted
    unmounted11 orë më parë

    Looks like a Ford Falcon

  • Andor Bereczk
    Andor Bereczk11 orë më parë

    Simán hülye vagy... mert nem értesz semmit. Az autókat végképp nem.

  • Nuno Santos
    Nuno Santos11 orë më parë

    Meanwhile if this cars breakdown they are easily fixed on the roadside by a driver with basic knowledge in mechanics and off you go

  • Eric Suter
    Eric Suter11 orë më parë

    That "cloth strap" under the hood is probably copper and is a ground. The light under the hood was also in Datsun Z Cars on the inside fender. As I recall, a lot of 70's and 80's GM's also had a light under the hood. Has Doug ever seen a Renault LeCar? Honestly, this car looks like a small early 60's Buick.

  • Moses Manaka
    Moses Manaka12 orë më parë

    Is this Bernie Saunders's car?

  • John Studd
    John Studd12 orë më parë

    I think this is the first time I have seen this guy and will prob be the last. What an obnoxious boor. I can appreciate some of the modern safety features on newer cars or trucks, but I would be happy if each of the auto makers produced one very basic, simple technology, easy to work on, tough, long lasting model of car and truck, at a cheap price. But I know that is not going to happen. They have to keep introducing new gizmos and doo dads and changing styling to make you think you are getting something for the ever increasing prices. I am almost to the point of looking for 60's-70's and some 80's era cars or trucks, and spending some money to rebuilding some components instead of buying a new vehicle.

  • Eldar Arslanov
    Eldar Arslanov12 orë më parë

    Друг переведи XJ 220 please

  • Manny Steiner
    Manny Steiner12 orë më parë

    Russia pounds it’s chest but it was and still is backwards in too many respects. Acting tough doesn’t make you tough, it makes you look weak.

  • Hugo Huart
    Hugo Huart12 orë më parë

    I think Doug is a bit misleading. There was definitely 80s soviet cars that looked like "normal" 80s cars, like the Aleko for example. Not saying they're great or anything, but they exist.

  • Spencer Hooper
    Spencer Hooper12 orë më parë

    Horrendous video. Do some background research before misinforming your nearly 4 million subscribers. Really cool vehicle.

  • kgf
    kgf12 orë më parë

    Doug was unnecessarily dismissive of this car. Many of its features made sense in the context of the Soviet of the 80s

  • Simon Beech
    Simon Beech12 orë më parë

    A do love that logo. The sense of static strength, nothing is going to push that deer forward. Love it

  • Simon Beech
    Simon Beech12 orë më parë

    Only an American would find the absence of a driver vanity mirror funny. The rest of the world feel they’re superfluous for the one supposed to be driving.

  • Bruce Healey
    Bruce Healey13 orë më parë

    Hey Doug, it's not that funny. And, plenty of countries made basic, outdated cars. Usually mademby American or European manufacturers. So, give some context. Just because it was a product of the Soviet Union doesn't make it hilarious.

  • J.P.
    J.P.13 orë më parë

    7:02 the battery meter is pretty much reflecting the soviet life back then. You have a lot of bad and very little great and okay. And you really want to be in the timy area of great or okay.... or else you'll end up in jail. Which could get you there just for speaking out your opinion about the goverment. And this particular car was the one that once came round the corner everybody knew it was very very bad. Because it meant that someone living there was about to get interrogated, locked up, beaten up or any combination of the 3 options (or all together). And the design being frozen in the past is also a reflection of the goverment which was also frozen in the past (while enforcing this to other people as well).

  • Scarecrow
    Scarecrow13 orë më parë


  • Jan Stenström
    Jan Stenström13 orë më parë

    Not funny. In the next video, please mock the homeless people of the USA 😝

  • Todd Griffin
    Todd Griffin13 orë më parë

    It's not cloth, it's a grounding strap for the light.

  • Andrew_Owens
    Andrew_Owens13 orë më parë

    This car is to automobiles what generic beer in a white can with a black word BEER on the can is to premium pilsner. One thing you have to admit, it's a car.

  • Павел Безобразов
    Павел Безобразов14 orë më parë

    GAZ is manufacturer (like Chevy), Volga is a name of car series (like Impala), 24-10 is a model name.

  • Ahav I
    Ahav I14 orë më parë

    советские и российские автомобили почти не отличаются

  • гопник Гульфик Фюрра епал в рот своих фан гопников
    гопник Гульфик Фюрра епал в рот своих фан гопников14 orë më parë

    now make a review of advanced NYC subway system :)

  • Milosav Vukomanovic
    Milosav Vukomanovic14 orë më parë

    You are ashamed. So malicious, really below every level. I'll put you on the ignore list. Once again, shame. A classic example of American humiliation, everything foreign. In doing so, you sound like an ass on steroids

  • RandomActivities
    RandomActivities15 orë më parë

    "How do you maintain this?" Probably very easily, assuming you can find a supplier of parts and service manuals.

  • myro
    myro15 orë më parë

    Sorry bro, u smiling like....., Compare comparable things...I wish u were born in Russia....and not your safe Meeerica

  • RandomActivities
    RandomActivities15 orë më parë

    For being 33 years old, that car is in amazing condition!

  • 1977aligator
    1977aligator15 orë më parë

    stupid boy...

  • Jakub Doležal
    Jakub Doležal15 orë më parë

    Next time, please - do your homework before reviewing a special car like this one. Your worst review so far.

  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar15 orë më parë

    5:59 it's a deer not a reindeer

  • Tintoycar
    Tintoycar15 orë më parë

    A big Lada

  • Michael Parzer
    Michael Parzer16 orë më parë

    great car. grow up and don't be an idiot who compares cars form the 80s in russia to todays standards. WTF if you have any car expertise you know to compare it to cars of the Europe Makes in the late 70ties

  • Ammon Jerro

    Ammon Jerro

    8 orë më parë

    @abbsnn cose 60s in USA! Lots of cars in Europe looked worse then Volga in its time.

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    15 orë më parë

    This IS 1960's tech not 70's and looks like a mid 60's Chev., sort of

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C16 orë më parë

    13:58 goes to show Doug as an American has no experience with health care. Bro you ever heard of disinfectant? Like this is a basic medical kit with stuff that your insurance would charge you $800 per bottle for. In Soviet Russia it was obviously free

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    15 orë më parë


  • Dana W
    Dana W16 orë më parë

    It would be a lot more interesting if you just told us about the damn thing and showed us the details. The comedy contempt applied with a trowel gets old fast.

  • Sergey Yun
    Sergey Yun16 orë më parë

    I love this car. So many memories

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C16 orë më parë

    I had the same cup holders in my Cadillac STS globe box and those were the only ones I had. Even though it had almost all options except the sunroof. Besides doug is trying really hard to make it sound like a trash car even though it’s practically not different from an 80s caprice or models on the same platform. This was never a luxury car. It was a fleet car. Pretty much the equivalent to an impala, caprice or crown vic. It was basic but very well styled (certainly better looking than every other sedan you showed from the late 80s) and it’s not less equipped than a mid 90s Lincoln Towncar i was recently checking out. Which is really sad for the Lincoln cuz I expected a luxury interior. What I got was the inside of an FBI car you’d see on cop shows. Really bland and boring. The only respectable American luxury brand is Cadillac. They really used to make great cars until like 20 years ago

  • Kamil Karwat
    Kamil Karwat16 orë më parë

    Way to turn off your slovic fan base, Douglas. For anyone wanting to see vids of Eastern block vehicles, visit Motobieda channel. And no, I'm not affiliated. Also, just to add, in the EU every new vehicle must come with: first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and warning triangle.

  • matthew webb
    matthew webb16 orë më parë

    When I think of vehicles from the 80s I think of the Suzuki samurai or dodge conversion vans😂

  • MrJayrock620
    MrJayrock62016 orë më parë

    Most likely those blank switches were reserved for lights and sirens, these were also used by the KGB and making 2 panels probably would cost more

  • Ivan C
    Ivan C16 orë më parë

    Lmao how is that a bad car? It’s more functional and durable than anything anyone else has built in the past few decades

  • roberto pierini gonzalez
    roberto pierini gonzalez16 orë më parë

    The diligent watchmaker superfamily drip because shoemaker naturalistically nail without a bright forehead. round, overjoyed underclothes

  • Maro Vok
    Maro Vok16 orë më parë

    When u gonna review their super suv LADA NIVA ?

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