The $500,000 Maybach 62 Was the Ultimate 2000s Luxury Sedan

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The Maybach 62 is a huge luxury sedan with some amazing features. Today I'm reviewing this Maybach 62, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of an insane luxury sedan -- then I'll drive the Maybach 62 and show you what it's like behind the wheel.
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  • D Mac
    D Mac29 minuta më parë

    Doug the type of guy to give a Maybach 62 a 56/100 Doug Score.

  • Gabriel López mireles
    Gabriel López mireles50 minuta më parë

    Ese es el carro que tenia salomundo en la primaria jajaja

  • Dana H
    Dana H56 minuta më parë

    The amount of opulence here is literally insane. Eat the rich......

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
    Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports58 minuta më parë

    Mercedes hugest mistake was not giving this car the W221’s interior design. The $100,000 2007 was in every way a better car than the 06’ Maybach

  • Chris Milam
    Chris MilamOrë më parë

    The lively grease interestingly brake because glass comprehensively concern via a bizarre plantation. alert, testy ambulance

  • Jonathan Carcamo
    Jonathan CarcamoOrë më parë

    this thing is gonna be worth over 1m

  • A Fool And His Money
    A Fool And His MoneyOrë më parë

    Doug's the kind of guy who doesn't know how tall he actually is.

  • encinobalboa
    encinobalboaOrë më parë

    500k didn't buy much headroom.

  • Michael Holyk
    Michael HolykOrë më parë

    The microphone sounds like he's in a submarine 😂

  • Astro
    AstroOrë më parë

    imagine the car sex

  • B K
    B K2 orë më parë

    Actually a good looking car.

  • David Wright
    David Wright2 orë më parë

    This video is a paid advertisement for Cars and Bids

  • m0t0rcade
    m0t0rcade3 orë më parë

    If I ever got so comfortable financially, I would definitely hire a driver and buy one of these. I don't know what is wrong with my fellow rich Americans. Laying down + Not hearing anything + Not seeing anyone sounds amazing.

  • GASOLINE Chugger
    GASOLINE Chugger3 orë më parë

    Back then they really had to work on car models this car model to me is ugly, The inside the car though was definitely well thought out I like that

  • hey yo
    hey yo3 orë më parë

    DRIVER WANTED: Looking for a dependable person to drive me around in my old Maybach. Compensation will be provided in the form of an opportunity to drive my Maybach (only where I want to go of course). Must have valid driver's license. Must be discreet (what happens in the back seat stays in the back seat). Must have minimum 4 years experience and references. Benefits are as follows: When you drive me to a restaurant I will periodically bring you my to go box. If my dog isn't hungry.

  • Eric
    Eric3 orë më parë

    What does that red button in the centre console near the intercom buttons do?

  • illy hillbilly
    illy hillbilly3 orë më parë

    You should get a treatment bro im sorry. That's not cool at all that's human waste. So is your channel.

  • Joey Badass
    Joey Badass3 orë më parë

    how much is it worth now

  • abraham Money
    abraham Money4 orë më parë

    this car is perfect for driving uber when the coronavirus is going on

  • Michael Pacitti
    Michael Pacitti4 orë më parë

    Really hate the Fu#kin ads. Pulled away after 5 minutes. Sorry!

  • rory bellamy
    rory bellamy4 orë më parë

    Yes but it don't look like much from the outside, Honda or Genesis looks better, tell me the glass is bullet proof

  • Caius Keys
    Caius Keys4 orë më parë

    Doug b speedin...

  • Xavi Chuvy
    Xavi Chuvy5 orë më parë

    It failed because it looks like an oversized Hyundai, only uglier. A R-R Phantom felt special, this didn't.

  • Michael
    Michael5 orë më parë

    Ngl this car doesn’t look so good. And 500k for this? That’s too much.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez6 orë më parë

    I'm surprised the owners manual wasn't a hard cover with 24k gold edges on the pages in a leather embroidered Maybach bag.. 😆

  • Kiatsumi
    Kiatsumi7 orë më parë

    Basically, a hearse for alive people lol

  • Uncle Timo
    Uncle Timo7 orë më parë

    I never comment but on these silly videos but.... The hidden cupholder is a great idea, I think it should be a standard feature in our cars.

  • supertrucky
    supertrucky7 orë më parë

    Mercedes - Benz dealer, "and would you like the $50,000 panoramic sunroof option?" ..."No, I decided I'm going to get a Corvette with that money."

  • Mac Nifty
    Mac Nifty8 orë më parë

    I wanted that car so bad back then. With different wheels and a plastics kit like Bieber had West Coast do to his Rolls without the closed wheel wells. That sharp edge kit and wide wheels on this ride and it's Excalibur!

  • KB Hop Productions
    KB Hop Productions8 orë më parë

    That table is a good place to use the mirror.

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith9 orë më parë

    U say maybach fucking weird. It’s “may-back”. Not “Mai-Bach”

  • Kristof Nippel
    Kristof Nippel9 orë më parë

    No German will ever pronounce it My bok. Native English speakers just can't say the ch correctly.

  • Fonk Badonk
    Fonk Badonk9 orë më parë

    CH does not sound like K. At all. That number plate is awful.

  • Marcelo Salup
    Marcelo Salup9 orë më parë

    OMG, what a cool car!

  • Chase Childress
    Chase Childress10 orë më parë

    Doug you should review a school bus

  • Just Space Stuff!
    Just Space Stuff!10 orë më parë


  • 1984
    198410 orë më parë

    WOW someone bought it for $90,000 what a deal! my guess is Tavarish needed to show up Hoovie.

  • Jakub Sobczak
    Jakub Sobczak10 orë më parë

    This mirror was an 8ball tool

  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller11 orë më parë

    👈🏻 Maybach made the engine for the German Tiger tank...jusayin’

  • N-DO
    N-DO11 orë më parë

    Imagine crashing this thing disaster

  • TABSF1
    TABSF111 orë më parë

    Have you seen his back though? not My Back! Nice Maybach (as in may bac)

  • TABSF1


    11 orë më parë

    Apparantely its My bah

  • N-DO
    N-DO11 orë më parë

    As a 8 year old back in the day, I thought this was an over priced s class but now that i see all of the quirks and features, I can say that this is definitely worth the half million.

  • Soussmeboules
    Soussmeboules11 orë më parë

    I saw several back in the days in Frankfurt, eventually as wedding car as well. Honestly, even with all the luxury in it, I always found this car unaesthetic/unattractive. It looks fat and disproportioned. The cement grey interior in this one doesn't help. It is maybe the worst color (appart from pink or gold for some excentrics) for a luxury car interior.

  • r0bin
    r0bin12 orë më parë

    I am german and we don't say "My Bok" or "My Bak" hahahah

  • Armin H
    Armin H13 orë më parë

    We (ze Germäns) do not say MY BOK, we say MY BA*CH*

  • Silvester Humaj
    Silvester Humaj13 orë më parë

    I agree that the Maybach looked way too similar to the S class, I said that from the day they were debuted, however I will say the styling has aged well and still looks contemporary & elegant today!

    GHOST13 orë më parë

    Doug is the type of guy who sits in the back of a Maybach and tell you to go see some pornhub site

  • Armin Prnjavorac
    Armin Prnjavorac13 orë më parë


  • Ottomen Warrior
    Ottomen Warrior13 orë më parë

    The front of the car looks really nice but the sides look like a shitty Pontiac. The colour coding is ugly as shit.

  • Oliver Gerber
    Oliver Gerber14 orë më parë

    On the "Maybach 57" and "Maybach 62" naming: The Maybach 57 is (roughly) 5,70 meters long (= about 225 in). The Maybach 62 is (roughly) 6,20 meters long (= about 243 in). I was waiting all the time for Doug to explain this ;-)

  • Armin H

    Armin H

    12 orë më parë

    I seem to recall that he explained that when he reviewed the 57

  • Alan Ladd seine Katze
    Alan Ladd seine Katze14 orë më parë

    Man! You look tiny next to this!

  • bardenhick TV
    bardenhick TV14 orë më parë

    Doug sounds like a Bond villain telling 007 how he’s going to die over a PA system

  • Lightmatrix
    Lightmatrix14 orë më parë

    Looks like an umbrella was included on the trunk lid at one time.

  • margosdesarian
    margosdesarian16 orë më parë

    You sound like the creepy voices from 12 Monkeys!

  • Adric Coker
    Adric Coker16 orë më parë

    Those mirrors in the backseat have definitely been used for cocaine.

  • Star Tower
    Star Tower16 orë më parë

    That midle window makes it the perfect pandemic uber drive

  • Skuba JD
    Skuba JD17 orë më parë

    The way he pronounced maybach scares me

  • Johan Does
    Johan Does17 orë më parë

    May Bok isn't the correct pronouncation. The ch isn't pronounced like "K". Look up German videos of MAybach. They will show you :-)

  • Noizy BearBear
    Noizy BearBear18 orë më parë

    Dougs the type of guy to close his door automatically

  • Chris Lam
    Chris Lam19 orë më parë

    Thank you Doug for reviewing my dream car when I was small. Wish I can play around in a 62 😳

  • Sandy M
    Sandy M20 orë më parë

    Never saw someone so excited about reviewing a effin’ Limousine in 2021. 🤩

  • Balázs Nagy
    Balázs Nagy20 orë më parë

    Why car makers put this kind of wood in their luxury models? These are so ugly and disgusting!

  • Nacknime
    Nacknime20 orë më parë

    Please don't try to lecture anyone on German pronounciation when your "ch" sounds like a k instead of the German ch (which sounds a bit like the J in José)

  • DraX LesnX
    DraX LesnX21 orë më parë

    Puts many cars to shame even today

  • Ryan Kruger
    Ryan Kruger21 orë më parë


  • Jose ricotaconachoquesadillamandillajones
    Jose ricotaconachoquesadillamandillajones22 orë më parë

    Such low doug score because the car makes you look so tiny

  • kvbrugge
    kvbrugge22 orë më parë

    The cup holders have 2 layers, not that difficult to understand I think :D

  • 1337penguinman
    1337penguinmanDitë më parë

    I can see a high end realtor using something like this to chauffer around prospective clients.

  • Tech Spree
    Tech SpreeDitë më parë

    Doug is the type of guy to drive the Maybach while using the rear speedometer

  • Zachooos builds & roleplays
    Zachooos builds & roleplaysDitë më parë

    Can we talk about keyless entry on a 2000 vehicle like im shocked

  • Young Addie
    Young AddieDitë më parë

    Id buy this and make my friends drive me around

  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken MatharooDitë më parë

    2000's to early 2010's rap music videos summed up in one vehicle

  • Kevin Page
    Kevin PageDitë më parë

    I feel like Mercedes Benz still makes the maybachs look pretty much identical to their other sedans, seems like still, much hasn’t changed.

  • moe mann
    moe mannDitë më parë

    You can basically get that car now for about $50,000-$60,000

  • John O
    John ODitë më parë

    you remind me of kurt angle

  • Almighty
    AlmightyDitë më parë

    Enus Cognoscenti 2008

  • Republican Talkshow
    Republican TalkshowDitë më parë

    Thank you Doug for making great content as always can u please do a 1995 Cadillac deville base

  • 1pac
    1pacDitë më parë


  • 1pac
    1pacDitë më parë


  • 1pac
    1pacDitë më parë


  • Creative TV
    Creative TVDitë më parë

    The technologies this car have is already 15 years ago but still outdo most of the newest cars today.

  • Jackson EdwinMOV
    Jackson EdwinMOVDitë më parë

    Do s class, e class, c class 2021

  • roberto pierini gonzalez
    roberto pierini gonzalezDitë më parë

    The psychotic underclothes bodily save because scissors recurrently x-ray qua a handsome area. melted, nosy sausage

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anmlDitë më parë

    Doug: The type of guy who makes a "type of guy" joke to himself in an empty car.

  • Angelo Massa
    Angelo MassaDitë më parë

    24:00 still wrong, greetings from Germany

  • Eric
    EricDitë më parë

    So ugly lol

  • Eric Fullerton
    Eric FullertonDitë më parë

    I remember getting driven around Aspen in one of these...with champagne. I was disappointed there wasn’t a fax machine.

  • crimson pearl
    crimson pearlDitë më parë

    Nice car

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Ditë më parë

    I would hate to be the one who has the task of finding a electrical fault in the maze of wires built in to this car

  • Daniel Cams
    Daniel CamsDitë më parë

    Cant wait to see the landaulet review 😎😎

  • Chris Gardiner
    Chris GardinerDitë më parë

    that is a blow mirror

  • Karl Hamilton
    Karl HamiltonDitë më parë

    That intercom joke was so postmodern.

  • Lilyn Hester
    Lilyn HesterDitë më parë

    It's the funeral home/hearse curtains for me.

  • Bebopman Current
    Bebopman CurrentDitë më parë

    Bro i only need this car to chill in it might aswel just place it in my garden and never ride it

  • continuousminer
    continuousminerDitë më parë

    Took a picture in front of Jay Z’s once, looked way better in black than this.

  • ionutztudoran
    ionutztudoranDitë më parë

    Hello Doug DeMuro ! I am a big fan of your videos and i have to say that i really enjoy your enthusiast regarding cars and your unique and quirky way to explain the pro's and con's. So what i would like to ask you if is possible of course to try and make a video about Citroen C6 :) one of the quirky-est cars ever. What do you say ? by the way greetings from Romania

  • GermanSplash
    GermanSplashDitë më parë

    Germans say "Mybach" not "Mybok" 😘

  • Carsten
    CarstenDitë më parë

    crazy how fast a car is outdated. The seats may have a great quality so does other stuff in the car but damn, these colours and everything just screams "I'm not a new car"

  • Not-So-Handy Car Guy
    Not-So-Handy Car GuyDitë më parë

    Tyler Hoover just joined the chat... 😂

  • Riley Banks
    Riley BanksDitë më parë

    Fun fact: the roof costs about $75,000 to repair if it cracks.

  • Darius Moldovan
    Darius MoldovanDitë më parë


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