The 2021 Ram TRX Is an Insane 700-Horsepower, $90,000 Hellcat Pickup Truck

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The Ram TRX is the craziest truck ever made -- a 700-horsepower, Hellcat-powered pickup truck beast. Today I'm reviewing the TRX and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the most insane truck on the market. I'll also drive the Ram TRX and show you what it's like behind the wheel.
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  • Juan Zingarello
    Juan Zingarello3 orë më parë

    But is it insaner than the Ram SRT-10?

  • Garland Remington III
    Garland Remington III6 orë më parë

    If a guy can afford to buy this pickup then he can easily afford to buy the new, 2021, AMP-RESEARCH-STEPS. Electronic Steps.

  • Vincent Macedo-Iannone
    Vincent Macedo-Iannone8 orë më parë

    20:46 Doug swearing. LOL

  • CamoSquid21YT
    CamoSquid21YTDitë më parë

    Never would've imagined we'd have trucks that perform at sports car levels

  • Alejandro Balderas
    Alejandro Balderas2 ditë më parë

    The look like 2012 Raptor

  • ScubaJoe YT
    ScubaJoe YT2 ditë më parë

    Roses are red violets are blue you’re new Dodge Ram engine is already blown too

  • Justin Rossner
    Justin Rossner2 ditë më parë

    Doug “I also really love this f***ing truck” Demuro 😂😂😂

  • chalemi
    chalemi2 ditë më parë

    At 23:00 this guys reminds me a Jay Leno.

  • chalemi
    chalemi2 ditë më parë

    Image of T-rex eating the raptor is pretty cool I must say.

  • FireFuzz
    FireFuzz3 ditë më parë

    That truck has about the same fuel economy as my old Jeep. 2001 wrangler 4.0 5speed lifted with big aggressive mud terrains and a lot of off road armor. Best part is that truck has about 6 times the HP.

  • Michael Gentry
    Michael Gentry3 ditë më parë

    The name TRX comes from Dodge's history.

  • prettyvilage4
    prettyvilage43 ditë më parë

    It's mm not Mm

  • Nova Takahashi
    Nova Takahashi5 ditë më parë

    Doug could have put one more point in any of those sections and could have gotten the best number the 69 😏 for the doug score. I would have been so proud and now its 68 😔. My pain is unbearable and my day is ruined!.

  • Jyoti Singh
    Jyoti Singh6 ditë më parë

    When you have maths test then bring your TRX in the classroom!!

  • 🌙
    🌙6 ditë më parë

    i've driven a shelby f150 with whipple supercharged v8 and 770hp. it's pretty crazy too and came out quite a while before this.

  • Jonathan Gutierrez
    Jonathan Gutierrez6 ditë më parë

    Next episode "This is the 2022 Chystler Pacifica Hellcat"

  • Eli Palacios
    Eli Palacios6 ditë më parë

    I need that engine in my Nissan Leaf

  • Big_duece Bungalow
    Big_duece Bungalow7 ditë më parë

    Every car manufacturer besides Dodge:”Let’s make everything have better fuel economy and make it better for the environment” Dodge:”How do we cram a industrial dump truck engine in this challenger body?”

  • Alexander Barragan
    Alexander Barragan7 ditë më parë

    Who else say that ford behind doung that look like was trying to cut him iff until doubg let that hellcat engine rip

  • Wet Willy
    Wet Willy7 ditë më parë

    I ❤️ Dodge .

  • Peter Buzay
    Peter Buzay7 ditë më parë

    I click Play to watch this video and there's an ad for a Ford. Lol

  • James Freitas
    James Freitas7 ditë më parë

    what about the ram rebel??

  • Bequanis Looby
    Bequanis Looby7 ditë më parë

    I love how this truck temporarily changed our boy Doug from an esteemed educated gentleman to a loud exited hillbilly..."WHOOO!!!" 20:52 lol

  • Jul P
    Jul P8 ditë më parë

    @Doug DeMuro The reason FCA could not call it T-Rex is because that name is already used and registered for another car : the Campagna T-Rex

  • Alex Parra
    Alex Parra8 ditë më parë

    TRX sounds better

  • jak power
    jak power9 ditë më parë

    The gleaming salesman arthroscopically sound because description oceanographically stare near a male bonsai. damaging, comfortable numeric

  • Noah
    Noah9 ditë më parë

    Dodge execs: we’re not selling enough *insert FCA model*! WHAT DO WE DO Dodge Engineers: *makes whining noise* supercharger go brr

  • ShahNawaz Ali
    ShahNawaz Ali10 ditë më parë

    When Ram first came out with big Chrome grills I thought next gen will be better. But I was disappointed with toned down grill. I am happy that they finally got around. But why decades? This had to be natural decision to make it look like this beefier. It finally looks right.

    STUMP10 ditë më parë

    They didn't call it the Trex I believe due to the early 2000s 3 wheeled car being named the Trex. So the name probably wasn't available for use.

  • caligirl92
    caligirl9210 ditë më parë

    Because TRX sounds much better than teerex lol the dinosaur. It sounds kind of dorky. It looks better and everyone still knows what it means

  • Joshua Felderhoff
    Joshua Felderhoff11 ditë më parë

    Um, did he get blonde tips 3/4 through the video?

  • Brandon Cormier
    Brandon Cormier11 ditë më parë

    Meanwhile in ford land Small 4 cylinder 🤔 put a turbo on it. Small 6 cylinder 🤔 put a turbo on it. Medium V8 🤔 f*ck em they get no turbo . And Void the warranty if they do.

  • Willie
    Willie12 ditë më parë

    Why I watch #DougDeMuro. #Motorweek claims the three regulation lights on the hood scoop are there "Just for a stylish look". What fking idiots.

  • lv H8TED vl
    lv H8TED vl12 ditë më parë

    TRX minus the E Doug. It’s just excluding the e for whatever reason

  • Amc547 Warlord
    Amc547 Warlord13 ditë më parë

    Doug have u ever tried sitting without ur knee's or ur head with or without comfort? 🤣🤣. 17:30.

  • _Nines
    _Nines13 ditë më parë

    This thing's fuel economy is about as good as Venezuela's economy

  • Phantom X
    Phantom X13 ditë më parë

    Hardly anyone that can afford a $90,000 truck is worried about affording 10mpg.

  • wlodell
    wlodell13 ditë më parë

    Does it come with a quad .50 caliber gun-mount for the back? It really is a ridiculous vehicle!

  • Mr.Carmel King
    Mr.Carmel King13 ditë më parë

    If anyone wonder how 10MPG is, your gas is literally at the half line in 2 days only driving 2 hours a day

  • Carter Chandler
    Carter Chandler13 ditë më parë

    Helephant engine in the next one and call it the Godzilla

  • yxcvmk
    yxcvmk13 ditë më parë

    @17:00 So true! Here in Germany, the gangsters from Gvmt just recently - with the beginning of 2021 *implemented an additional extortion,* called co²-tax. Crazy! By the way: I am all for protecting the environment/mother earth, having healthy soil and regenerative agriculture. But I hate the *co² fearmongering,* where every plant grower with a greenhouse knows how important co² is for plant growth. They even buy it ion bottles to feed the interior of the greenhouse/plants. But you guys in the US, don't laugh at us here in Germany yet. It seems that your new guy Biden (if the election actually was legit) is all for co² tax also. The "pasture" is made smaller and smaller. Worldwide!

  • MrSharkBait561 Miah
    MrSharkBait561 Miah13 ditë më parë

    This truck looks hot af but I'm still getting myself a Raptor

  • Jake Rheault
    Jake Rheault14 ditë më parë

    392 Wrangler >Ford Bronco 🔥🔥🔥😁😁😉

  • Balls Mahoney
    Balls Mahoney14 ditë më parë

    I know I should, ....but I just don’t give a fuck about this truck ...sorry

  • Ruby Red Nation
    Ruby Red Nation14 ditë më parë

    I think the raptors look better you are gonna so many problems with that supper charger down the road........

  • AntMan -
    AntMan -14 ditë më parë

    the g in trx stands for green energy

  • FaZe Nutella
    FaZe Nutella14 ditë më parë

    This link is not for dodge fans

  • Raptor Fanatic
    Raptor Fanatic15 ditë më parë

    You mentioned comfort towards the end and that the Raptor had a better ride - is the Raptor smoother down the road?

  • fireman 911
    fireman 91115 ditë më parë

    Thhhhhhhis is doug with his cheap ass tee shirts 👕 🤣

  • Dest
    Dest15 ditë më parë

    Broooooo i can’t the way he says “ford raptor who?” kills me

  • Maha Elluri
    Maha Elluri15 ditë më parë

    Doug at 20:44 :BUT I really fucking love this truck Me: Me too bitch

  • Aaron
    Aaron15 ditë më parë

    Polaris isn't willing to share the name T-rex, Even with a vehicle 10 000% better.

  • Adam Bruhn
    Adam Bruhn16 ditë më parë

    My Palisade has heated/cooled rear seats. Can we not act like it’s such a big deal?

  • V Law
    V Law16 ditë më parë

    Wait til the Raptor R comes out.

  • V Law

    V Law

    14 ditë më parë

    They should never have put a v6 in the Raptor. They had the right idea with the 6L v8 in the gen1

  • Cain Esteban

    Cain Esteban

    15 ditë më parë

    v6 is poo

  • Cain Esteban

    Cain Esteban

    15 ditë më parë


  • Stephen Burns
    Stephen Burns17 ditë më parë

    Raptor means bird, not dinosaur.

  • Jeff Job
    Jeff Job17 ditë më parë

    Y’all really comparing a 90,000 dollar (max trim level) TRX to the 70,000 dollar (max trim level) Ford Raptor. The base model for the raptor is only 55,000 dollars. The ram TRX starts at 72,000 DOLLARS. The max trim level raptor cost as much as the BASE MODEL TRX!!! Of course it’s gonna be better than the raptor!😂.

  • Cain Esteban

    Cain Esteban

    15 ditë më parë

    salty ford fans be like...

  • Jeff Job
    Jeff Job17 ditë më parë

    Y’all really comparing a 90,000 dollar (max trim level) TRX to the 70,000 dollar (max trim level) Ford Raptor. The base model for the raptor is only 55,000 dollars. The ram TRX starts at 72,000 DOLLARS. The max trim level raptor cost as much as the BASE MODEL TRX!!! Of course it’s gonna be better than the raptor!😂.

  • Andani Raphalalani
    Andani Raphalalani17 ditë më parë

    That engine note 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rakhsi Prayogo
    Rakhsi Prayogo18 ditë më parë

    The fastest pickup truck

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos18 ditë më parë

    and like always GM is left out in the dust. they need to button up and bring back the true blazer and call it the blazer classic or something (i mean they dont have much of a choice besides just using the blazer name again and kill off the current blazer), and put a wide body kit on the silverado and slap the zr1 engine in it. that would be fucking amazing! they may have 5 less hp then the gt500 powered raptor R, but it would have some 90 more pound feet of torque, which is what you want in a big truck if you want it to go fast. if they used that ZR1 engine, they would have 5 hp shy of the most power in the class, and have BY FAR the most torque with 715 vs 625 in the Raptor R and 650 in the TRX its so frustrating because GM has the recourses but they wont put ANY of it into making an interesting chevy blazer that would have been cheaper to make becasue they could have used the same platform as the OLD chevy tahoe with the solid rear axel and with this they honestly just need to take their race truck, put the zr1 motor into it, make the body even wider than the TRX with even more ground clearance, and you are on the road to making the new best high performance truck in the class. it honestly isn't hard at all but GM just doesnt like making risks with anything, but they usually come out later once they see the raptor and TRX getting a lot of sales, same with the bronco and the wrangler

    SENGVIN19 ditë më parë

    lol not even for 30k, pure garbage, average mileage before Chrysler brakes down 15000 miles, ford has absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • Cain Esteban

    Cain Esteban

    15 ditë më parë

    bruh ok buddy you drive a poor car lolol

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    17 ditë më parë

    Really? Tell that to all the ram trucks that survived above 100k

  • Epic
    Epic19 ditë më parë

    watch the less doug demuro version of this

  • Carl Ross-Works
    Carl Ross-Works19 ditë më parë

    I’m waiting on Dodge to put a hellcat motor in a caravan and call it hellavan.

  • joshua holmes
    joshua holmes19 ditë më parë

    But does it fit in a normal sized parking space

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    17 ditë më parë

    Probably a tighter fit

  • sidney hillary w
    sidney hillary w20 ditë më parë

    not practical at all

  • Adil Sagadiyev

    Adil Sagadiyev

    17 ditë më parë

    Why not? Huge backseat room and huge bed

  • Jay Ce
    Jay Ce20 ditë më parë

    To bad it's going to rust out in 2 years.



    19 ditë më parë

    but its going to brake down before that

  • WheresDAfreeWIFI
    WheresDAfreeWIFI20 ditë më parë

    8 mpg...

  • Joey Gonzalez
    Joey Gonzalez20 ditë më parë

    I think marker lights are cool idk why they purposely dodge the 80 inch regulation

  • Luke Trogdon
    Luke Trogdon20 ditë më parë

    Too bad it's a pos of dodge and won't hold up as good as a ford🥴

  • cobratrick96
    cobratrick9621 ditë më parë

    Raptors are 🏳️‍🌈

  • That Ford Truck Guy
    That Ford Truck Guy21 ditë më parë

    Next will be a Hellcat Fiat 500 SRT 😅

  • gaston bravo
    gaston bravo21 ditë më parë

    the trees passing fast on the back......awesome

  • Mr. Drums
    Mr. Drums21 ditë më parë

    What is the limiter set at? Obviously this has Kevlar walled tires, but even those in a tire this size can't exceed 100-ish mph. I can only assume that regardless of the massive engine this has... you can't safely exceed that speed. Which (in all honesty) kinda neuters and somewhat defeats the need for truck with an engine this large.

  • jmart26
    jmart2621 ditë më parë

    20:45 😂

  • VeryBerry
    VeryBerry22 ditë më parë

    It's probably not called a t-rex, because there's already the Campagna T-Rex that exists for about two decades now - a 3-wheeled sports "car". Doug should find one to review.

  • NorthernZeus
    NorthernZeus22 ditë më parë

    When the Demouro clan does a family portrait. Everyone wears tan cargo shorts with 2 t shirts and he gives it a “ Doug score” when they hang it above the fireplace. #fact

  • Chris 509JF
    Chris 509JF24 ditë më parë

    Tomorrow is the day! New raptor gets unveiled! This is an awesome truck for sure. Really excited to see how Ford reacts.

  • Banana Films
    Banana Films24 ditë më parë

    It hasn’t been a year and Ford has come with a better truck then the ram......... check out there YT RAPTOR R

  • 73mtba
    73mtba24 ditë më parë

    nothing new or original about this truck. They just copied the Raptor. Not hating it is a nice truck

  • shota tor
    shota tor24 ditë më parë

    The amused zephyr family beam because tuba empirically wish sans a misty seashore. open, unhealthy biplane

  • More Power!
    More Power!24 ditë më parë

    Great another over powered Hoosier sounding POS

  • El Arqui
    El Arqui25 ditë më parë

    Ford is still the best.

  • Adam Denver
    Adam Denver25 ditë më parë

    dodge brought back the muscle truck

  • Victor.
    Victor.25 ditë më parë

    everyone moving to Ev and ram building 90k gas trucks. Good luck with that

  • J.
    J.26 ditë më parë

    Sohcahtoa Nice

  • dave roberts
    dave roberts26 ditë më parë

    Put 10,000 miles AND LOOOOSE IT!!!!!!

  • Shawn Keene
    Shawn Keene26 ditë më parë

    That Trex eating the Raptor is great

  • LJ_DC20
    LJ_DC2026 ditë më parë

    20:47 is the time doug cursed after years

  • Joseph Neubauer
    Joseph Neubauer26 ditë më parë

    when doug says right now "the craziest pickup truck you can buy" he means the most marked up pickup truck you can buy.

  • Joseph Neubauer
    Joseph Neubauer26 ditë më parë

    Doug that is a myth, what you have is a launch edition which is simuliar to a Fiat 124 edition which has special paint and also every option you can get for a standard price. I would expect most to be about $75k. But what FCA should have done which is like jeep with the SRT GC. have a 6.4 more reasonible version then a hellcat version. One thing you missed by the review if towing is an important thing for you this isnt your truck. This is an off road sports truck. there is something the product managers had to do in order to make it do the stuff it did. 1. they had to take out towing in order for desert/ off road performance. 2. the 4WD system had to make many changes for the power and also a different transmission. its not as simple as just putting a 6.2L superchanrged V8. For a truck is much heavier so you have to make changed to the frame, transmission, axel and other parts. Even though its better then the Ford F150 Raptor, in many respects that the normal trucks do you cant make it do the same stuff. Thats why now days truck are very specialized today. I think its great that FCA built this for people to have an option. I would put street tires on this such as Pirelli scorpion verde or something like that.

  • Lord Rayden
    Lord Rayden27 ditë më parë

    How have they not put a hellcat engine in a wrangler by now?

  • SisAndBroTOYShow Collier
    SisAndBroTOYShow Collier27 ditë më parë

    My dream truck

  • Shamsud33n
    Shamsud33n27 ditë më parë

    9:55 wow an off road truck for nerds lol

  • Archie Metcalfe
    Archie Metcalfe27 ditë më parë

    heeheheh doug's shirt

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris27 ditë më parë

    Doug is so funny when he does Dodge car and truck evaluations. He gets so giddy!🤗

  • Ethan Balsavage
    Ethan Balsavage27 ditë më parë

    Doug needs to come review my Kenworth t680

  • Nick King
    Nick King27 ditë më parë


  • ms3er
    ms3er27 ditë më parë

    LOL. People will need a budget of $300-400mo in gas.

  • ThatCarGuy 17
    ThatCarGuy 1727 ditë më parë

    20:45 first time I’ve heard Doug have to bleep something out

  • Zobi_YT


    27 ditë më parë


  • GG DE
    GG DE28 ditë më parë

    If you can afford the TRX you can afford putting Gas in it every 2 days

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